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wawacore 23.09.2005 19:55

Just curious...
I know it's not related to Igor or MMA, but I was just curious about what kind of music you guys listen to, what kind of movies you like etc.

We don't know a whole lot about each other except for that we're all Igor fans. :)

cooleo 23.09.2005 20:41

i like too listnen to icp!!(insane clown possse) whoo whoo!! i like horror movies and marvel comic movies!!

Hazard 23.09.2005 20:45

I'm a metallhead as far as music preference goes, as far as movies most genres can be fun if the movie was made with quality and good balance(good plot and "eye-candy" not just one of the above).

Bengi 26.09.2005 02:07

I like Cypress Hill, 2Pac, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Manowar and romanian traditional music

I don't like movies. I considerem them waste of time.

Instead, i love reading books

Mendo 26.09.2005 12:47

Death metal like: Severe torture, deranged, dismember, deicide and Sinister

Hardcore metal like: backfire, right direction, rykers, discipline one life crew and pitboss 2000

hip hop like: necro, west klan, notorious big (the darker death songs, not the happy songs)

hardcore house like rotterdam terro corps, mc drokz, the headbanger, angerfist, noize supressor, radium

hardstyle like technoboy, zenith, taument etc (scantraxx releases)

jump like the bad boyz etc.

Amuro Ray 26.09.2005 13:52

favorite singer : Korean singers ( Shin hae chul, Seo tai ji ), Elton John, Queen, M.Jackson, X-Japan

favorite song : 'Sing' - Travis
'Bent' - Matchbox 20
'Endless rain' , 'Scars' - X Japan
'My song' - Keith Jarret (instrument)
'Breathe' - Prodigy

I like all kinds of music.. metal, modern rock, pop, Jazz, etc... except lastest Pop(Hip hop)
I used to play drum and guitar a little bit about 10 years ago.
I like all kinds of movies, too.
But I like MMA best now.

moloko+ 26.09.2005 14:00

I like Rage Against The Machine,Body Count,Bubba Sparxxx and old school hip hop like Ice Cube,N.W.A.,Public Enemy.
I like horror movies,but my favourite is Mad Max.

sabotage chopsticks 28.09.2005 11:19

im a house head nothing but electronic beats for me :lol:

Alexei 28.09.2005 17:56

I like Slipknot, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Clawfinger, Cannibal Corpse, some death metal and black metal bands...

Lado 28.09.2005 21:39

My music interests are scattered all around the world of traditional, classical, experimental, hard and blablabla music. Like experimental jazz very much (although some experiments are ugly). The best hard music album of all times for me is "Roots" of Sepulture (have you seen their clip "Attitude" starring Gracies?)
When I was boxing, I dreamed about inear earphones which allow me listen to the "Roots" during the fights, I considered that I will be Terminator with that type of "drugs" :smile:

Films I like should be either keen or exciting, or invent smth new in cinematography...

"City of God" about Rio de Janeyro - last good piece of life in camera I've seen

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