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Bengi 12.03.2006 21:44

Pittbull from Romania
This guy is 20 years old, Ionut "Pitbull" Atodiresei, keep an eye on him

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Alexei 13.03.2006 17:56

Good kid, but he only fights in kickboxing, right?

Bengi 13.03.2006 23:45

Yes, only kickboxing.

His background was sanshou but know he kompetes only in kickboxing.

Soon, his name will appear near the first loss from the career of Samir "The prince" Mohamed, trust me.

He's a great warrior

Mendo 27.03.2006 15:21

Man, this kid rocks! This guy should compete in the superleague!

Bengi 27.03.2006 19:58


Сообщение от Mendo
Man, this kid rocks! This guy should compete in the superleague!

I don't know if it's possible, he competes at 62.5 kg

I don't know if SuperLeague have this weight division. We allready have Florin Vintila in SL :D

I want to see this guy against Samir "The Prince" Mohamed, this would be an awesome fight

Mendo 28.03.2006 13:19

In Holland we've got a very good fighter at that weight. Robert v Nimwegen. He is known as 'kleine jongen'wich means little boy, but he fights as a great warrior.

He fights at 63 kg. If they fight it will be a good heavy war!

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