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Это Ног и Хиззо про Фёдора говорят относительно его боя с КроКопом 2005-го года.

What did you guys think about Fedor x Mirko? Was the result as expected?

Nogueira: It was, kind of. I even thought for the fact Cro Cop had knocked Fedor’s brother out, he could win. In the first round he was even dangerous. But Fedor is much more of a fighter.

Rizzo: I was betting everything on Fedor. I lived with Mirko in a gym for two months, in the same room. He doesn’t have a warrior’s heart. You just have to see his style, always backwards. Peter Aerts said something I agree on: “The longer the fight takes, the more chances Mirko has of losing it.” He has no heart to turn a fight upside down.

Nogueira: Fedor, on his side, will fight you to death.

And Cro Cop fights in the counter-attack, waiting for a hole to get in, which is easier in any kind of martial art. The one who attacks more exposes themselves…
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