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А вот этот слух мне совсем не нравится. Прямо очень сильно.
Вкратце, Кейн подвернул колено сильно.
Спойлер для Оригинал:
The San Jose Mercury

A serious injury for hometown hero Cain Valasquez has appeared to have been suffered.*

According to an official,during a late*Wednesday*night routine training session, Cain Velasquez*suffered a serious knee injury.

The injury occured as Cain was attempting a basic takedown and twisted his knee, during the camps nightly sparring session.*

As the mighty Heavyweight fighter went down winching in pain, medical trainers rushed to the mat to assist him, saying the injury could be in any range of seriousness.

Gary Owens (14 year Trainer At American Kickboxing Academy), "It's not as bad as it looks, but we wont know until futher testing is done."

Although*the extent of the injury is not yet known at this time, many speculations hae been made.

A local San Jose Sports Injury Management Trainer informs us,

"Immediate Sports Trainers at the gym followed OSHA procedures by giving the fighter rest, ice, compression, and elevation as a first means of assesment. Later, A Lachman Test to determine anterior tibial dsplacement was done but a negative on the test was returned. After performing several other tests including the McMurray and Patellar Apprehension Test, it was softly determined the knee joint of the fighters Medial meniscus was locking and "clicking" and might even be ruptured."

Cain will undergo testing at a nearby facility for further evaluation.*

Such Medial Meniscus injurys are very serious ranging in time out between 1 week and 6 months. No offical statement as been made about the fighter's UFC 121 title shot against former WWE*phenomenon*Brock Lesnar.

However, Head Trainer Javier Mendez Quotes,"Cain is ok and will be ready to fight."

Other members of the famed camp were not so certain, "I don't know what happen, he just kind of went down screaming in pain, but Cain is tough i hope he will pull through" Says UFC*Veteran*Josh Koscheck. Koscheck appears*regularly*every*Wednesday*on the UFC's hit reality show, "The Ultimate Fighter."

More on this late breaking story as it unfolds.

Cain Velasquez was set to become the promotions first Mexican Champion following success in his bout, but now his status for UFC 121 is unclear.*

Neither UFC President Dana White or*Representatives*from Brock Lesnars camp could be reached for commenting.*

As of now the fight and event is still*scheduled*to go on accordingly to plan.*

Очень надеюсь, что фейк и троллинг со стороны шердоговцев.
Светлая память Элверу\Руслану.
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