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New Japanese MMA promotion possibly in the works for July show
Word is spreading that the former management of Real Entertainment has separated itself from GLORY within the past few weeks.

Sources out of Japan have indicated to AsianMMA.com that the former Real Entertainment management also has planned a July event. A venue, date, and pretty much anything that makes up a show have not been detailed.

We spoke to several people within the industry that have indicated that while talk of a July show is very real, management from Real Entertainment simply do not have the money to poor into another show. Most of the old players are finally moving on to new projects and have realized that there is no place for them in the sport at the present time.

A source close to AsianMMA told us that GLORY’s primary usage of the DREAM name was to make for a smoother transition into the Japanese market. While this is quite obvious, and not too bad of an idea, the reality likely set in that the demand for big time Japanese MMA is just not there.

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