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Igor vs alistair preview

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The slimmed down version of the Pride veteran, Igor Vovchanchyn takes on Team Goldern Glory fighter Alistair Overeem in the next bout. Igor Vovchanchyn trains out of Team Vovchanchyn with Igor Kovalev and Gennadiy Matsigora, while Alistair Overeem trains out of Team Golden Glory with Stefan Leko, Valentijn Overeem and Martijn de Jong. Vovchanchyn earned a unanimous decision over King Of Pancrase Light Heavyweight Champion Yuki Kondo in his last fight, and Overeem looked very impressive in his victory over UFC representative Vitor Belfort. Both fighters are primarily strikers, so expect this fight to be an exciting slugfest that is sure to produce an exciting knockout. Vovchanchyn has now had several fights at middleweight, and is no doubt fully accustomed to his new weight division. Overeem should come into the fight at an all time high after finishing former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort. This fight has knockout written all over it, so expect one to happen in what should be an exciting fight.

Igor Vovchanchyn has a 19-6 record in Pride and an overall MMA record of 45-7-1. He advanced to the second round by pounding out a decision over Yuki Kondo at Pride Total Elimination 2005. Vovchanchyn was content to ground and pound Kondo for much of the first round. Kondo was able to reverse the bigger Vovchanchyn on several occasions but always ended up on the bottom again. In the beginning of the second round, Vovchanchyn and Kondo slugged it out, but Vovchanchyn took it to the ground soon afterwards and pounded on Kondo for the remainder of the round. The final was much of the same with Vovchanchyn pounding on Kondo until the end of the fight. Kondo showed lots of heart by surviving but Vovchanchyn won the unanimous decision easily. At Pride 29, he had an impressive showing against the former King Of Pancrase Heavyweight Champion Yoshiki Takahashi. The fight started out with both fighters exchanging in an unusual feeling out process that had them waving their hands out in front of each other. Vovchanchyn then threw a high kick that Takahashi blocked, then he waved Vovchanchyn in. Big mistake, seconds later Vovchanchyn threw a flurry that missed but set up a nice right hook that caught Takahashi right on the button and knocked him out, with Vovchanchyn landing two more shots for good measure. Vovchanchyn made his return to Pride after an eight month layoff to recover from injuries at Pride Bushido 5 against Japanese fighter Shamoji Fujii. Vovchanchyn began the fight tentatively and was picking his shots. Midway through the round, it started to become clear that Fujii was totally outclassed by Vovchanchyn. Vovchanchyn started some wicked strikes on Fujii, dropping him with punches and finishing him off with a couple of soccer kicks. Vovchanchyn is an excellent striker and has shown an improved ground game.

Alistair Overeem has a 5-2 record in Pride and an overall MMA record of 20-5. Overeem advanced to the second round by submitting Vitor Belfort at Pride Total Elimination 2005. Overeem was the more aggressive striker to begin the fight and they hit the ground with Belfort going for an armbar from the bottom. Overeem escaped back to his feet and took Belfort back to the ground. Neither fighter mounted much offense on the ground, so they were restarted on their feet. Overeem landed a knee that hurt Belfort and then an uppercut that dropped him. Alister then locked on a guillotine choke that forced Belfort to tap. At Pride 29, he lost a decision to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Overeem started out the fight well, using his long reach to give Nogueira problems while they were on their feet. Overeem’s best strike of the fight came when he landed a clubbing right hand that didn’t land fully on the iron chinned Nogueira. While on the ground, Overeem was able to defend all of Nogueira’s submission attempts, though in the second round he began to tire and Nogueira took over from there. Nogueira almost finished Overeem towards the end of the round with some good ground and pound but the time ran out on the round. In the final round, Overeem was all out of gas and Nogueira completely dominated the round. Overeem did show tremendous heart by surviving Nogueira’s entire onslaught though. His last win came at Pride 28, where he completely dominated RINGS veteran Hiromitsu Kanehara. Throughout the entire bout, Overeem was able to out strike Kanehara and control the pace of the fight. Overeem did seem a tad sluggish through most of the fight, but was still able to outwork Kanehara. The end came when the doctor stopped the fight in the second round due to some bad cuts on Kanehara’s face that were caused by all the punishment he had taken. Overeem is a great striker and has a good ground game.

Overeem has a distinct reach advantage over Vovchanchyn, which he should use to keep his distance. Vovchanchyn still has more power in his shots than most, and has become a much quicker fighter since he moved down to middleweight, though he might have a problem finding his range early because of Overeem’s reach advantage. Overeem needs to pick his shots and stay out of reach of Vovchanchyn’s big punches in order to survive. Both fighters have shown improved ground games in their recent fights, but it is going to come down to who lands the first big shot on their feet as it should swing the fight in their favor. Vovchanchyn has overcome reach advantages before, however Overeem has faltered when he has faced good strikers. Vovchanchyn should be able to land the big one, in what should be an exciting slugfest.

Prediction: Igor Vovchanchyn by KO in the first round.

rest here :
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