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Interview with upcoming k1 star Badr HAri

He was only 8 years old when he began his thai boxing training in Amsterdam. When he was 10 he fought his first thai boxing match. Shortly after he turned 18 he faced none other than Ignashov, before 15 000 spectators, in the Ajax arnea in Amsterdam. It´s now official that he will fight Stefan Leko in the next edition of the yearly gala which takes place in the Ajax arena. At the last gala there were 20 000 spectators. Super Pro had a chat with the prominent, young, Chakuriki fighter and asked him anout his next fight against english fighter and two times UK K-1 winner Gary Turner. We also got a glimse of Badr´s training.

SP: You were only 18 when you fought Ignashov, one of the most feared fighters in the world. How did you feel?
BH: I found out just 3 days before the fight. I was pretty tenced before the fight. But when the fight started I could relax and I gave my best.

SP: How great was the difference in weight between you two?
BH: Ignashov weighed 110 and I weighed 87 kg.

SP: You fought Katho, a well known K-1 fighter, and you won convincingly. Do you feel ready to fight in Japan now?
BH: Yeah, I´m prepared to fight anyone in Japan. When Thom Harinck think it´s time we will go there.

SP: You always make a spectacular entrence to your fights. Is this part of your mental preparation?
BH: Yes, it´s the only way for me to mentaly prepare myself really. By doing this I put myself in a mental state which makes me fight better.

SP: Your next fight is against Gary Turner whom just beated Venetiaan from Vos Gym. How do you prepare for that fight?
BH: I watch videos of his fights and adapt my techniques after that. But mostly I adapt to the opponent in the ring when the fight has started. Of course I train very hard, 2 times a day.

SP: How often do you train?
BH: 5-6 days a week.

SP: You´ll fight Stefan Leko in may next year, in the Ajax arena. That´s a big step in your carreer. How do you look upon that fight?
BH: Like any other fight, but it´s a fight that will show how I manage against the absolute elite in heavy weight thai boxing.

SP: Do you only train thai boxing or do you train grappling as well?
BH: For the moment I have to spend all my time on thai boxing.

SP: How much do you weigh now?
BH: 95 kg

SP: Do you want to get heavier?
BH: Yeah, I´m still young, so if I eat properly and sleep well I can probably grow some more (laughing).

SP: Have you got any role model?
BH: No, not really.

SP: What are your ambition and your goal in your carreer?
BH: My first goal is to win my next fight at december 12, but more long time ambitions is to win K-1. Preferably 6 times (laughing).

SP: What can we expect from Badr Hari in the future?
BH: That I´ll win K-1!

And with those words we thank Badr for the interview

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