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Старый 18.02.2008, 19:16   #21
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Топик Стартер Автор темы
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Новая конференция с Копом !!! Хорошо бы перевести
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Answers to your questions

1. Do you plan on holding seminars or private training sessions for people; or is it 100% career from this day forth?
Answer: In this moment all I can think of is to get back on track and win my next fight.

2. When you first started training to be a pro-fighter, what kind of reaction did you get from your parents?

Like other parents, they were worried, but I just felt that being a fighter is what I should do in my life.

3. Do you plan on still focusing part of your training for cage fighting such as defending and utilizing elbows?

Yes, I’ll still train in the cage as I would really like to fight in there again and show a lot more then I did in the UFC.

4. Have you ever even remotely considered fighting in the light heavyweight division for the UFC or do you consider yourself a true natural heavyweight?

I’m a natural heavyweight and I’ll always fight in heavyweight division.

5. What does your diet consist of to keep you in the top physical shape you are in ? Also what food is a guilty pleasure for you?

I eat mostly meat, I don't like vegetables. I have no special diet program, but I'm trying to keep away from food that's commonly considered bad for professional sportsmen.

6. Are you interested in being a coach one day?

I guess that would be a natural course of action, but at this moment I’m focused on my career.

7. Have you found the happiness again that you had in PRIDE? The happiness that you had when you won the Open Weight Grand Prix?

I was very excited to be in Japan again. It really feels good and yes, it was a strong reminder of some memorable moments.

8. Do you think its possible for you to have success in the UFC in the future, despite the UFC rules, no sockerkicks, no kness to head on ground, Octagon instead of ring etc?

Of course. I can be successful in the cage as well and I hope I’ll have a chance to prove that one day.”

9. Do you plan on fighting Gabriel Gonzaga again in a rematch since he has lost two bouts, as have you?

I’m not sure if this match-up is possible right now, but I would gladly fight him again.

10. What will you do different in a rematch with Gonzaga?

I’ll just be my true self.

11. The UFC released your from the contract. It’s not something that they usually do. What was different in your case?

We came up to an agreement and I respect them for acting professionally. We’ve left the doors open for doing business together in the future again.

12. For how long are you planning to fight in MMA?

As long as I’m healthy and able to train at maximum intensity.

13. How many fights will you have this year?

Probably three, but it's too soon to tell for sure.

14. Are you still working with Ivan Hyppolite, or is Marijan Zizanovic head coach now?

Marijan Zizanovic is head coach now, but I'll cooperate with Ivan and his gym.

15. What is your current training camp like?

Marijan Zizanovic is my Muay Thai coach and Marcio Corletta is in charge for BJJ. Igor Pokrajac and Hrvoje Kisicek are my sparring partners.

16. Have you thought to utilize the head kicks less since it is your signature move and a lot of people know of it since you still have outstanding striking?

I can still kick hard and even improve my kicks. However, my goal is to have more than one dangerous weapon. And I have some up my sleeves.

17. Who is more important for you to fight, Gonzaga or Kongo?

I would like to fight them both again.

18. A lot of fighters have bad things to say about Dana White, do you have any comments on this?

In my case Dana White acted professionally and I respect him for that. I have nothing bad to say about him.

19. Would you like to face Jerome Le Banner in an MMA fight?

My goal is to be a champion and I’ll fight anyone who is on my way.

20. Anderson Silva uses his long strong legs really good as defense, but also as offense on the ground, are you only training defense in BJJ so far?

No, I train many aspects of the ground game, but I’ll always be a stand-up fighter.

21. Isn't this a bad idea, going to Japan with different rules once again?

I fight in the ring for a long time and I will need no adjustment at all.

22. What do you prefer, to get the UFC belt at your comeback after your Dream fights, or to beat Fedor Emelianenko?

Good question. Both goals are almost equally important I guess. A slight advantage goes to beating Fedor.

23. Besides Minotauro and Fedor, who else would you like to fight before your career ends one day?

I don’t have a wish list, I’ll just fight anyone if the conditions are good.

24. Is it easier now to train after the nose surgery? Do you feel you have more cardio now? In sparring, do you feel overly protective of your nose? Will it affect you in the future fights?

My nose is doing well and I’m certainly not overly protective of it. I have no trouble breathing anymore and it can only help.

25. Don't you think that training methods also may have been a factor and are in need of reassessment (for any future involvement in the UFC)?

Yes, I think that some elements of my training should have been different, but as I said before - a mental blockade and a low motivation were the reasons for my bad performances.

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Тот, кто побеждает себя - великий воин. (с) Конфуций
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Главное чтобы он операциями на носу не увлекся)))

В остальном ждем триумфального возвращения.
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Я чувствую своё новое рождение (это стероиды после долгой ломки, а не воздух Японии, Мирко)
это точно...

Последний раз редактировалось Toljan; 19.02.2008 в 03:48.
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Вспомнил "Арию Нобухико Такады" про Мирко (автор Angerfist )

Ты весь день сегодня ходишь дутый,
Даже глаз не хочешь поднимать.
Мирко, в эту грустную минуту
Как тебе мне хочется сказать:

Мирко, Мирко, где твоя улыбка,
Полная задора и огня?
Самая нелепая ошибка -
То, что ты уходишь от меня.

UFC с тобой неловко пошутила,
Не сердись, любимый мой, молю.
Но, не надо, слышишь, Мирко, милый
Я тебя по-прежнему люблю!

Мирко, Мирко, где твоя улыбка,
Полная задора и огня?
Самая нелепая ошибка -
То, что ты уходишь от меня.

Город спит под крышей ночи белой,
От обиды сердце успокой.
Но, скажи мне, что могу я сделать,
Что бы снова рядом быть с тобой?

Мирко, Мирко, где твоя улыбка,
Полная задора и огня?
Самая нелепая ошибка -
То, что ты уходишь от меня.

Мирко, Мирко, ты вернешься, Мирко,
Позабудешь про нокаут злой.
Снова улыбнешься, как мальчишка
И въе*ёшь кому-нибудь ногой!

Мирко, Мирко, где твоя улыбка,
Полная задора и огня?
Самая нелепая ошибка -
То, что ты уходишь от меня


Самая нелепая ошибка -
То, что ты уходишь от меня

Ну что,все сбывается? )))
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