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Восклицание Rio Heroes champions sign with NEW promo

After the demise of Rio Heroes some doubts were still present about the real value of their top stars and how they would perform on major MMA promotions. It didn't take too long for a new professional MMA organization to emerge in the Brazilian scene and sign RH champions William Vianna, Flávio Álvaro and Pedro Santos and throw them top opposition. Watch Out Combat Show will debut in about one month and MMA Europe got an exclusive interview.

After the demise of Rio Heroes there were some doubts about the real value of some fighters, like William Vianna, Flávio Álvaro or Pedro Santos. Is Watch Out Combat Show's intention to privide them top opponnents and see if they really have what it takes?

Well, before they became themselves Rio Heroes champions they already had conquests and decent accomplishments in their career. Okay, Vianna, Alvaro and Santos are two times Rio Heroes champions, but look they won into MMA fights too. Just to give you examples, Alvaro has four belts in his career and "The Stone Hands" Santos is current Juiz-de-Fora Fight middleweight champion and won a 4-man tournament, under 90kg, in Sao Paulo two years ago. Of course the popularity of Rio Heroes made they become famous due to the internet marketing, but I guess they don't need to prove much. Of course they need to win somehow, because they'll have the spotlights turned to them at WatchOut Combat Show over the fact this show will be broadcasted by intheguard.tv. So this is a good opportunity for more recognition and reputation. Well, these three mentioned are booked against tough
opponents in Williams Porfirio (Brazilian Top Team), Diego Braga (Gracie Fusion) and Andre Santos (Renovacao Fight Team) to displaying all you can imagine: they can come across like the winners, they've utmost tough challenges in these bouts and their styles combined with these adversaries are guarantees of hell of fights and awesome entertainments.

Having most of the Rio Heroes' stars on your cast isn't the promotion affraid of being catalogued as street fighting, instead of professional MMA?

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